The new standard in luxury emblems. For brands that require the utmost in impact and sophistication, we proudly introduce FlexStyle. FlexStyle elevates your brand with greater detail, an attractive appearance feature bold metallic finishes, and deeper, more detailed texturing. It's more than an emblem, it's a status symbol that denotes both power and prestige. And there is literally nothing else like it in the industry today. True to it's name. FlexStyle offers unparalleled flexibility, with heat-seal and pressure sensitive applications that give it the ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces, such as fabric, glass, wood, metal, plastic and more.


are designed to give the high quality look of direct embroidery without the commitment. Appliques are 100% embroidered, laser cut, free form shaped, removable emblems with thin stitched borders. A great alternative to direct embroidery, Appliques are both removable and reusable, so stocking your designs in-house is easy! With this ability to apply designs in-house, customers save both time and money on freight. Production times are also shortened to same day turn-times. Because of the flexibility of this product, both in its design and production, the possibilities are endless.


 Embroidered Emblems

 Embroidered Logo Emblems are created with high quality, colorfast, polyester threads and fabrics made to withstand the harshest of industrial washing. Each emblem can be dye-cut into custom shapes and sizes as well as several standard rectangular sizes. A very noticeable difference from appliques is the thick merrow border which wraps around the back of the emblem. This border allows Embroidered Logo Emblems to be easily sewn onto apparel. All emblems can also be industrially heat sealed onto your garments at no extra charge, so your options are varied when deciding how to attach your emblems to your apparel. Flame Resistant Emblems are also available.

 Clean Cut Emblems

Except for their clean edges, Clean Cut EmblemsTM are very similar to embroidered emblems. Clean Cut Emblems are available in standard shapes and sizes with corresponding small stitched borders that match the emblem’s background fabric. This new thin matching border allows the badge to seamlessly blend into your apparel, allowing your logo designs to stand out on their own. In order to increase the customized appearance of your apparel and uniforms, Clean Cut Emblems are also  available as Perfect Print  sublimated emblems. Clean Cut Emblems are a clean and detailed solution  to your apparel decoration needs.

 Embroidered Text Emblems

These particular emblems are exactly what their name implies. Each Script & Block Embroidered Emblem design is computer generated, offering consistent quality in both lettering and font. Our computer generated name system also ensures that spelling mistakes are almost non-existent. The vast inventory of thread colors available for the border, text as well as the fabric of your emblems means that World Emblem can offer over 100,000 different color combinations in several standard and custom shapes and sizes. All of our emblems are created using high quality, colorfast, polyester threads and can be heat sealed or sewn onto apparel.


 Direct Embroidery

Our Direct Embroidery will give your logos and designs the most professional and detailed appearance available. Whether the garments are client supplied or selected from our large inventory, World Emblem can sew your design directly onto your apparel with our high quality, colorfast, polyester threads. With 6 manufacturing locations strategically placed across the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico, World Emblem offers its customers quick turn-times and reduced freight charges.  Suitable for everything from corporate wear to uniforms or sports team apparel, it will make all your first impressions lasting ones.

 Perfect Print Sublimated Emblems

Sublimated, or Perfect Print® Emblems as World Emblem calls them, are full color, digitally printed patches that are both photo-realistic and industrial wash capable. Like our embroidered emblems, Perfect Print® Emblems have a merrow border sewn in your choice of thread color. World Emblem also offers a Perfect Print® Sublimation System, allowing clients the ability to manufacture their own emblems in stock sizes and shapes. Through a secure on-line catalog, clients are able to produce emblems on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the production. The Perfect Print® Sublimation System includes a printer, software, templates, paper, ink and blanks.

 Perfect Stitch

Perfect Stitch
TM emblems combine two technologies into one eye-catching embellishment. The use of sublimation and embroidery together in the same design produces custom colored backgrounds, integrated with high quality embroidery and ultimately resulting in amazing possibilities. The background fabric can be sublimated with photographic quality images, patterns or solid colors. A  design of your choosing is then sewn directly on top of the sublimated background, creating a 3-D effect. Perfect Stitch takes the level of customization of the emblems of the past to a whole new level.

 Magnetic Badges

Sublimated Magnetic Name Badges display photographs, logos, bar codes or any digital images that you require. The badges are available with a two-piece, interlocking, magnet fastener to guard against risk of damage to your apparel, or a pin to ensure that all of your badges will be securely attached. Each badge can even be customized with an employee names and information. With up to six different standard shapes and sizes available and endless design possibilities, you're sure to find your perfect fit.


 Trimax Transfers

With Trimax TransfersTM, clients can now apply screen-printed images to their apparel right inside their own facility. It's like having your own screen-printing business without all of the headaches! These screen printed designs are available on a release paper and can be heat sealed to all of your apparel. Trimax TransfersTM can also be stocked in-house for same day service, so you can produce your orders on demand as needed. The nature of this product allows for the complete removal of screen charges. It also means that customers don't have to worry about freight charges incurred by sending their apparel to be decorated.

 Digital Print Emblems

The image capability that can be achieved with Digital Print Emblems far exceeds those of any other product. With high resolution, photographic images, small clean details and unlimited colors, Digital Print Emblems will excel on your decorated apparel. These emblems are available in both standard and intricate laser cut shapes and can also  include a merrow border or be borderless. They can be either heat sealed or sewn onto apparel, pending a merrow border. The patches themselves are very thin and flexible allowing for a high degree of comfort and versatility. Quick turn-times and competitive pricing allow Digital Print Emblems to be a frontrunner in apparel decoration.

 Laser Names

Laser Names
TM give the look of direct embroidery without the uncomfortable pellon backing and wrinkled appearance. Each Laser NameTM is made of a polyester fabric containing a layer of urethane backing that is laser cut into your choice of both script and block fonts. Heat seal onto the garment for a clean, professional appearance. Available in an array of colors as well as industrial and factory fonts, Laser NamesTM are a great way to personalize apparel, bags and caps. They are also available to be stocked in-house, removing the need to ship your garments for personalization. Price is not dependent on quantity, so minimum orders are very economical.


 High Visibility Striping

Due to several standard safety regulations, High Visibility Striping was developed to increase safety for those under certain occupations, including construction workers, fire fighters, police officers, motor sports and more. Our High Visibility Striping is specifically made for clients who need as much visibility as possible whilst working under low-lit or potentially hazardous working conditions. Supply your work shirts, pants, shorts, coveralls, bibs or jackets and World Emblem will not only increase their visibility with the addition of High Visibility Striping, but will add your choice of apparel decoration as well. All of these services are available under one roof in our Atlanta, Georgia facility. With 6 trims, 48 standard placement locations as well as custom placement locations available upon request, you are sure to enhance the safety of your apparel.


 Stock Emblems

Hundreds of patches, including American flags, national corporate and automotive logos and official badges are stocked in-house and offered at discounted rates with same-day shipping available on most designs.


 Blank Emblems

A full inventory of standard blank emblems is available for same-day shipping. Your Blank order may be cut to any size or shape required. However, with over 3,000 die-cut shapes in stock, chances are we have your size readily available. We over-lock each emblem with 100% colorfast thread specifically engineered to hold true even in the harshest wash processes.

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